Pilot Paradigm Shift – Siemens

The pilot project experiments with a new concept of non-territorial office: unconventional objects populate the space interpreting new needs.

Pilot Paradigm Shift is a pilot project that experiments a new concept of office and that applies new ways of interpersonal relationship between employees and between work environments.

The suggestion that has been reflected on is that of a non-territorial office where the relationship between user and workstation responds to a modern spatial concept. The characterizing part of this office is a central strip, the “lounge strip”, on which are placed a series of extra-routine activities for flexible and informal work, which were shaped through a collection of objects. In this new centrality of the office, elements such as phone booth, think tank, live meeting, informal meeting, sofa, etc. follow one another. which constitute a family of objects in which to think, privately call, concentrate and work with the most modern communication technologies.