The project of an urban form for the most important city of the Mongolian West: three new areas with three different urban atmospheres.

Khovd is the largest city in the western region of Mongolia. Attract new inhabitants from your nearby countryside, looking for education, health services or alternative services, especially for those looking for new forms of income after losing their livestock.

To maintain and increase its appeal as one of the most important cities in the country, and to be a worthy alternative to Ulaanbaatar, we must look above all at its geographical position in the wider “international” region, so that it can be a valid shortcut to the economic-cultural development and an interchange between China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The developed project consists in giving structure to the existing city. To do this, three different areas have been identified: center, market street and road link. Each of these three areas has a distinct atmosphere, which is created by the organization of the streets, the architecture of the buildings, the density and height of the surrounding urban fabric and the primary functions.