Green ring

The cars in the parking lots, the Milanese in the street: an idea to give a new meaning to the ring of the bastions of a green city.

“More parking” or “greener and gardens”. Thus it is usually expressed in synthetic terms a form of claim on the city that perhaps means something else, that perhaps it is only the extremity of an idea of ​​the city in which one would like to move and stop more easily, walk and meet more naturally.

Green Ring is the bet that all this can be achieved by working on the existing city and on the particular urban form of Milan, that of the circle of Bastions, the intermediate ring that connects center and external areas. Green Ring imagines that the city is not just parked cars, but citizens who move. This study focuses on a section of Green Ring (1 km that includes Viale Papiniano and Viale Coni Zugna), and imagines a new soil system that aggregates an important green Milan landmark to become a real environmental infrastructure capable of oxygenate and shade, to protect and accommodate. Today, in this stretch of road, over 500 cars stop; of these, around 70% occupy spaces that are neither “yellow” nor “blue”.

The construction of 6 silos of mechanized car parks – each capable of containing 70 cars – would make it possible to meet almost all the current demand for parking, to guarantee a substantial economic return and to free up land useful for public activities but also for new trees. Each kilometer of Green Ring will host potentially 375 trees, arranged in two rows along the inner ring (Papiniano, Gian Galeazzo, Beatrice d’Este, etc.) and on a single row on the sidewalks of the outer ring (Coni Zugna, Gorizia, Col di Lana, etc.). The design is applicable to all 11 km of the ring, necessarily articulated to find time by time enough spaces for the housing of the silos, adapt to the route of the tram, incorporate the existing gardens and monuments, helping to make Green Ring a element of orientation and widespread quality of living. More parking precisely, but also greener and gardens.