Domestic Como

A lounge, a games room, an aroma garden, a vestibule and a pool terrace make up the new lakefront.

Green and water are at the center of the strategy of rethinking the large scale that the project proposes to the Como community: two strongly interrelated areas and, each in a different way, essential to the increase of urban quality and quality of life. The new green design is the emerging aspect of a filigree project that concerns the redesign and the upgrading of the water-sewer system. At the vast scale, the design of the green and the waters intertwine, the first tells the second, is public and civil evidence. In other words, the project is first and foremost a catalog of actions to relate to water.

The public dimension of the city centered on Piazza Cavour takes on the value of a large welcoming place characterized by a sequence of diversified spaces but held together by the idea of ​​guaranteeing hospitality and comfort to citizens and tourists alike. Como Domestica is that part of the house that opens to the public, which welcomes guests, which is oriented towards comfort and not intimacy: it consists of a living room (Piazza del Duomo), a games room (Piazza Cavour), from a garden of aromas (lungolago Trento), from a vestibule (lungolago Trieste) and from a terrace-pool open to the lake and to the landscape (Diga Foranea Caldirola).

Examples of this reflection are two projects that combine rolling tanks and public spaces. The first is specifically the subject of the competition and concerns, on the surface, the traditional arch of the lakefront. The second, proposed by us, invests a part of the FS airport, the easternmost part, parallel to via Regina Teodolinda, bounded to the south by the Sant’Abbondio convent and to the north by the access square to the FS station. In this second area, the project proposes to obtain a new system of rolling tanks that work together with the Comodepur purifier. Above the tanks it will be possible to build a linear car park connected to Via Regina Teodolinda, capable of 800 parking spaces, also managed jointly by the Municipality of Como and FS, so as to guarantee a powerful flow of automotive access to the city, next to the access avenues to the city (the SS 35). The tanks and the parking lot will be covered in cover by a forest of mulberry trees. The forest will occupy about three hectares of land currently dedicated to a railway station but scarcely used and therefore likely to be disposed of. The new productive forest redesigns and “restores” the last crag of Monte Croce towards the city. Baths and public spaces, technology for water control and collective areas of exchange and integration of the environmental network. Como must face the challenge of the future by increasing the technologies and techniques for controlling the water network in parallel with an ambitious and far-sighted program for the design of its public spaces.

Domestic Como