The Good Life France n.48

05/2021 - The special issue of the French magazine dedicated to Lombardy publishes a long interview with architects by Maryse Quinton


In the “Numéro spécial Lombardie” of the French business & lifestyle magazine (no. 48/2021), Maryse Quinton reports on a very intimate interview with the two architects, in which they recall the suggestions that led them to choose their profession, the main sources of inspiration for their projects, and try to identify what Milan – the city in which they work most – should invest in to improve its urban quality in the near future.

“Our studio has the concrete ambition to intervene in the city’s construction processes. Our projects elaborate the client’s requests, interpret and transfigure them, trying to bring into each design process the dynamics that society and the economy are experiencing. […] Architecture is a constraint, a possibility and an opportunity in a society that seems increasingly multiple, vague and indecisive. Let’s try to have clear ideas and not fixed ideas,” say the architects.