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Genoa tailor made: completed, ongoing and waiting architectures

“Genova tailor made” exhibition shows the design opportunities that we had in the last 20 years in Genoa and Liguria. From February 22nd to March 4th at Interno 1, Genova (free entry with registration)


the opening cerimony video

the exhibition design

“Genoa concerns us. Our history, professional and private, is constantly intertwined with the Ligurian capital. To constantly return to the roughness and to the particular Genoese and Ligurian morphology has involved a continuous refinement of the architectural instruments of reading and drawing that, here more than elsewhere, in conditions of density often extreme and of dense naturalness, are required. This exhibition, in spite of or due to its fragmentary nature, makes it clear that this return to the Ligurian coast as a disciplined and humble exercise, a recurring proof of our tools, our abilities and our desire to continue to do a difficult job but that, when gratification, it does as few. “

The projects exhibited belong to different moments and occasions.

The former is Ex-Boero and represents one of the “ongoing” projects: a social housing complex of 4 buildings for a total of 170 apartments in the former color factory in Molassana, which will see the laying of the first stone in the month of April. The central section is dedicated to Punta Murena, the spectacular promontory between Albenga and Alassio where the renovation of the twentieth century Villa Brunati and its park, rich in ancient trees, which unfolds between the Aurelia and the sea, is under way. “Here there are ten under construction residential micro-architectures that reserve, as small chests, an exclusive and intimate relationship with the extreme nature of the place, made of sea and sky, stone and vegetation. They are built in dry, recyclable, reversible and covered in burned larch wood slats; their contemporary design enhances the preciousness of existing historical artifacts”. Then there is Erzelli, an area in continuous evolution presented in the exhibition through the renderings of two projects that describe some of the possible scenarios that the “Great Campus” can still accommodate. In the last room, the former Silos granary Hennebique is the “waiting” project that most draws attention: in 2003/2006 a future was assumed as the seat of the Engineering Faculty of the Genoese University and of offices, but it is a project which still offers interesting points for spatial reflection.

“Seeing the projects together was a reassuring confirmation, not much on the results of our work, but on the extraordinary capacity of some cities – Genoa is one of these – to weave a unique, intimate and supportive relationship with the individual architectural interventions. You can’t joke with this city, all that we have learned elsewhere here is of little use, Genoa forces to develop the project starting from its foundations, to ask questions that, elsewhere, you no longer ask. Finally, but it should be clear by now, Genoa has taught us things that otherwise we would not have learned.”

The projects exhibited are:


The opening is February 2018, Thursday 22nd, from 6 to 9 pm. The exhibition can be visited from February 23th to March 4th, from 2 to 8 pm.
Interno 1 – via Albaro 1, Genoa | info: – 02 48029050

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