ICS School

An innovative school complex with fluid spaces and open to the city in the Symbiosis district in Porta Romana.

The school is part of the masterplan of Symbiosis, the new Business District of Covivio which, south of the Prada Foundation, already houses the headquarters of large international companies.

An iconic volume, generated by the juxtaposition of two blades with different profiles and marked by verticality, opens the interiors to the surrounding context, with ample terraces that mark the perspective articulation. Large glass surfaces and metals with refined workmanship allow the facades to interact with the surrounding environment, reacting in a changing way.

The 3 hosted school cycles (elementary, middle, high) are organized ascensionally on different levels, while on the ground floor the collective activities (canteen, gym, swimming pool and auditorium) open to the city and to the large outdoor playground, equipped for activities at the open air.

ICS School