“Milano. Nuove architetture a confronto”: Gianandrea Barreca presents the Cantù/Orefici project

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019 at 9 pm a new appointment of the cycle organized by Arch. Emilio Battisti at OneWorks Creative Hub, with the redevelopment of the building part of the Piazza Cordusio complex.

Arch. Battisti explains: “The reason why I think it useful to present this intervention and discuss it is because what manifests itself before our eyes is not simply about the new functions that take place inside the buildings, but consists in a mutation of the urban identity. That identity to which I purported to refer our reflection to evaluate and compare new architectures. But while in most cases new architectures renew the urban scenario, in this situation the architecture changes marginally but the city takes on a completely different meaning. […] My purpose, as well as taking note of the very accurate Barreca & La Varra project, which has set out to “redesign two buildings rewritten several times in which a court and penthouses become occasions for contemporary grafts”, is also of to reflect on the role that architectural and urban planning can play in qualifying these processes of functional transformation of the city. ”

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cantu’/orefici renovation project