Vote for FOODCANTIERI at Foodies’ Challenge 2017

Until October 31st, it is possible to vote for the video project “FOODCANTIERI – Lunch break: the construction site in the kitchen, the kitchen in the yard” that we created together with Chef Reza of the Ronchi78 restaurant in Milan. We are the team n.15!

How do you eat in the construction site today? The lunch break of the workers and in general of those who find themselves involved in the environment of the building site is an ever-current theme that opens up to different interpretations. Firstly, since in the construction world today there are very distant cultures working together, and consequently with different eating habits; and then because the sites can vary from that of the small village on the sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčLiguria, like the one we are following in Alassio, to that of the great foreign multinational in the suburbs of Milan, like the Siemens Headquarter. Differences that find in reality some common traits in the similarities that the video intends to underline, between the kitchen tools and the construction site machinery, between the noise of the suction fans and that of the mixing machines of the concrete. The final dish created by Chef Reza, a Persian by birth and Milanese by adoption, is a timbale that incorporates the Italian tradition of eating the heated pasta from the day before, but revisited with oriental ingredients (zereshk, raisins).

Today the yard meal has been updated, but as then it has to adapt to the specific context and to proceed with the projects themselves that change their configurations at times: from the tables prepared by the chefs who work in large urban yards, from Takeout in the smaller ones but with a view of the sea, the importance of the conviviality of the moment that has to alleviate the heavy working day of the workers often coming from different food cultures remains united.

Caterina Bona coordinated the project, and the journalist Hira Grossi and the photographer Anna Positano worked on the production and direction of the video.

look the video and vote for us!