Punta Murena

A seaside village of exceptional environmental and architectural quality: Villa Brunati and its 10 pavilions in a garden between the Aurelia and the sea.

On the promontory of Punta Murena in Alassio, between the Aurelia and the sea, the complex of Villa Brunati had been abandoned for years: a prestigious building from the early twentieth century immersed in a garden rich in secular essences that unfolds on a steep slope, and reaches the sea with a private beach.

The complex has undergone several interventions over time, with an incisive transformation in the 1960s that included the addition of 10 prefabricated wooden bungalows that strongly affected the unity of the open space, originally thought as an artistic promenade. In view of the creation of a luxury residential complex, the intervention involves the building renovation of the villa, in which 5 apartments are obtained (which can be further divided up to 7), in addition to the overall landscape enhancement of the area which, the result of a close dialogue with the Superintendency of Genoa, it intends to re-evaluate the original structure of the garden in relation to the villa (boards, paths, slopes). The apartments in the villa range from 100 to 200 square meters, and the two larger ones on the second floor can be further subdivided: inside the original finishes, such as decorated false ceilings and fireplaces, have been kept where possible.

The bungalow system is replaced by 10 new building units of greater building quality and more carefully inserted into the landscape, built in wood and steel and “suspended” from the ground with a punctual foundation structure: they measure from 60 to 80 square meters, and each they have an open space of relevance directly overlooking the sea, in a landscape and environmental continuity with the surrounding garden. The new architecture are built dry, recyclable and reversible, and their contemporary and essential design intends to enhance the preciousness of the existing buildings and the exceptional nature of thr place. The villas are clad in burnt larch wood slats of  different widths, also used for the sliding panels that shield the large windows and define the terraces, with a more sparse layout that lets in light. Following the safety measures and the reconstruction of the ground walls and of the crags in the ground, incongruous plants are eliminated in the garden, replaced by new native species. The new arboreal elements have the task of shielding the garden from the rear railway and, a significant root system, reinforce the terrain with the most pronounced slope. Access to the private beach is via a panoramic path, also for the exclusive use of the sector, which runs east-west along the entire lenght of the area. Driveways are provided by small electric vehicles that can facilitate the achievement of the real estate units by trackling the steep slopes of the park which, between the Via Aurelia and the sea, presents a drop of about 35 meters. Parking lots are planned near the driveway of the complex, and each unit has an assigned parking space.


Punta Murena