Two buildings in Via Vittorio Veneto

Two materials define the base and the body of two residential complexes of singular morphology in the fabric of the city.

The project concerns two new residential complexes in Via Vittorio Veneto in Sesto San Giovanni: the former Macellari at number 10/12, and the former Colamonico at number 22.

In the first, seven apartments are planned spread over four floors above ground; the volume confirms the existing body in line through a work of demolition and reconstruction. Along the inside of the lot, the building body in line perpendicular to the road tapers and lightens, only to end with a larger body on the ground floor. Parking at ground level within the lot will allow us to satisfy the request for a parking space per apartment. The intervention privileged the use of two different languages ​​to identify the exposed part and the inner part of the lot. For the first one, a light yellow stone or porcelain stoneware coating was imagined to recall the prevailing colors of the street. The elevations inside the lot are covered with traditional bricks in terracotta, with different textures that recall some typical Lombard architecture treatments: the openings, the 45 ° textures, the brick grid that recalls farmhouses. This material contrast recalls the tradition of favoring the combination of stone and brick, with the first intended to illustrate the façade, and the second to compose the less visible parts. The morphological conformation involves a very varied typological division: the intervention does not have a standard plan but around the in-line staircase one or two apartments are always distributed, two of which are on the ground floor (duplex), two on the first floor, two on the second floor and one on the third floor.

At number 22, the same materials define a volume with 6 apartments distributed on three floors above ground, two per floor. As at the previous civic, the two apartments on the ground floor have private open spaces; parking spaces here are instead provided for in the basement.

Two buildings in Via Vittorio Veneto