Cittadella dello Sport

The building for the Bertram Derthona is part of the project of the team headquarters, with pavilions for restaurants and recreational activities.

The project concerns the construction of a new area for sports and recreational use of approximately 68,000 square meters located south-west of the city of Tortona, in the area of ​​San Guglielmo.

The building

The focal point of the intervention will be the new Palazzetto mainly intended for the performance of basketball games of the Bertram Derthona but also of shows and concerts for a maximum capacity of 5,000 spectators, with a covered area of ​​about 5,200 square meters and a coverage diameter of approx. 80 m. The building consists of a basement, where are placed the changing rooms and some technical rooms, of a ground floor and two upper levels. The access of the spectators takes place on the ground floor in direct continuity with the external space, through entrances made from the cut of a hill that surrounds the building along its entire development. The horizontal paths unfold internally through a continuous loop which overlooks some commercial spaces, a gym and services. From here you can enter the stands and you have the possibility to reach the first or the second ring through punctual vertical connections. During minor events, during which the Palazzetto is not used in its maximum capacity, the first ring with about 1,960 spectators can be visually separated from the second through a system of panels and curtains. On the first floor will be guaranteed some exits of security that will connect the interior with the external walkway, reachable from the ground floor through a system of ramps carved into the hill. Here the separation between inside and outside with windows allows natural lighting of the walkway on the ground floor. The second floor that houses the spaces for printing, the lounge areas and the emergency exits, appears as a “disk” to delimit the external walkway. The coverage of the Palazzetto will be feasible, reachable through a system of ramps from the outside, and used primarily for activities related to leisure time of the team and citizens of Tortona.

The outdoor areas

In the immediate proximity of the Palazzetto a two storey building will be built, which will house the Derthona headquarters, with the training camp, the offices and the meeting rooms of the team. In the remaining outdoor area, mainly dedicated to the public, other sports fields and pavilions will be created for catering, information and leisure as events and projections during the summer. In the area to the west will be made a parking lot of about 17,000 square meters for spectators and users of the sports fields while to the east of the Palazzetto will arise two smaller parking lots, both of about 6,000 square meters, for the athletes of the home team and for the team and spectators of the visiting team.

Cittadella dello Sport