The Good Life Italia n.31

02/2021 - A special issue dedicated to the city of the future where architects illustrate their idea of the "City State" in the "Good Boost".



“Città Stato e tutto il resto. Un nuovo spazio pubblico si aggira per l’Europa” is the title of the introductory essay to the special section “The Good Future Home” of the magazine “The Good Life Italia” #31 on newsstands since yesterday, in which Barreca & La Varra try to predict what will be the future of cities in the 21st century, “which will return to be a century of cities and not of nations”. Between nostalgia for the village and new iconic architectures, however, redemption will be found on the horizontal plane of public space, “it will be openness, tolerance, the unpredictable and non-predetermined character of open space that will allow us to recognize city states from other urban forms.” In the hope that their “selfish charisma” will succeed in configuring a responsive season of gregarious Europe of small to medium-sized cities.