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Lay the flags on the roof of the ICS School in Symbiosis in Milan

The structures in elevation of the new school in the Symbiosis district of Covivio in Porta Romana have been completed in just 7 months of work: Thursday, December 19th, 2019 the children have placed the traditional flags on the roof.

“We all dreamed together, and if you have the strength to dream things then they happen.” (Stefano Paschina)

Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra accompanied, together with Stefano Paschina (General Manager of ICS Milano), Luca Uva Anna Di Gironimo and Lorenzo d’Ercole di Covivio, Alessandro Bramati (President of Municipio 5), Iginio Granata (town planning officer of the Municipality of Milan), Mario Luvison (Technical Director of Setten Genesio SpA), some current ICS students to place two flags on the roof: the traditional Italian Tricolore, and the flag of ICS International School, an international school with an innovative curriculum and solid Italian roots, which from September 2020 will open the doors of its new headquarters.

ICS School project

(photo credits: Ugo De Berti – UDB Studio)