“Out of center: suburbs and suburbs”. Giovanni La Varra at the theater on Pasolini with Lino Guanciale

Wednesday, March 13th at 17:30 at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine, the meeting with Lino Guanciale and the company of the play “Ragazzi di vita”, taken from the novel by Pier Paolo Pasolini part of the “Pasolini in profile” review.

Guest Giovanni La Varra, associate professor of architectural and urban composition, Polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Udine, coordinator of the Space Lab Laboratory. Conducts Antonio Caiazza, journalist and writer.

PROFILE PASOLINI. An open window on the writer and the intellectual who was able to probe, with passionate lucidity, the human contradictions, desires and fragility: on the occasion of the show based on the novel Ragazzi di vita, the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni from Udine recalls Pier Paolo Pasolini with an intense calendar of appointments. A photographic exhibition, dialogues and reflections with several voices will turn the spotlight on some aspects of the multifaceted thought of the “pirate poet” to recognize, in his limpid analysis of post-war Italy, the roots of our present identity.