Bosco Verticale among “The 50 Most Influential Tall Buildings of the Last 50 Years” for CTBUH of Chicago

The two Milanese towers are the only Italian project and one of the 9 Europeans included in the list by the prestigious American Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat which celebrates its first 50 years in 2019.

“The skyscraper has a history that dates back more than 120 years, but has entered a new phase of innovation and acceleration in the late 1960s. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat was founded in 1969 to welcome and interpret the rapid changes taking place in the field of design and engineering of skyscrapers. In the course of its history, CTBUH has highlighted examples of good practices of tall buildings that have represented a significant change in the way of thinking or in technique, through case studies of the Journal, conference proceedings and since 2002, the annual program of the Awards.

The tall buildings listed here are selected with the same criteria, through the combined input of the CTBUH research and data team, the CTBUH leaders and a call to the members’ constituency in general. Each represents a milestone in the development of the typology, monitoring the development of the tall building from a predominantly commercial office tower with repetitive plans, to a “vertical city” with the mix of uses, variation in the materials of the facade and variety of interiors and outdoor spaces. The importance of environmental sustainability plays a role as important as cultural and economic longevity. And, while some of these skyscrapers reach half a century, we see them aging gracefully, in new functions, sometimes radically changing appearance and even height. From this we learn that the development of the skyscraper typology is not a simple case of linear passages from one generation to another; rather, it is an interpolated dialogue that will continue to inform and inspire us for the next 50 years and beyond”.

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bosco verticale of milan