Barreca & La Varra guest curators of MDFF 2021, “Reset”

From 21 to 24 October 2021 the 9th edition of the festival will be staged in a phygital version. “CIAK IN ITALY. Foreign directors in the Italian landscape” is the theme of the curatorship, which will be the subject of screenings and talks with international guests.

Reset is the theme chosen by MDFF founder and curator Silvia Robertazzi and co-curator Porzia Bergamasco to indicate the collective need for a new beginning. More than 50 titles are on the programme, including documentaries, investigations and biopics, as well as fiction and animated films. Divided into categories – Architecture, Art Of Thinking, Biography, Bloom, Design, Sustainability, Urban Life – the titles proposed aim to investigate current events from various perspectives and bring the general public closer to the most contemporary concepts of design and architecture, but not only.

Guest curators
Architects Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra will be involved in the “CIAK IN ITALY. Foreign directors in the Italian landscape” with a selection of films focusing on the ways in which various foreign directors have looked to the Italian landscape as an ideal backdrop for creating stories. The titles chosen by the guest curators cover a period from the 1950s to 2010. Here they are: A Venezia… un dicembre rosso shocking (Nicolas Roeg, UK/Italy, 1973, 110′) to La contessa scalza (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, USA/Italy, 1954, 130′), from Passione (John Turturro, Italy, 2010, 90′) to Tre passi nel delirio (Federico Fellini, Louis Malle, Roger Vadim, France/Italy, 121′).


Here are the calendar appointments involving Barreca & La Varra:

Thursday 21/10/2021, from 18:30, Teatro Franco Parenti – Sala Grande
Opening evening of MDFF 2021 “Reset”, and talk “CIAK IN ITALY. Foreign directors in the Italian landscape”.
18:30 – Welcome talk with Silvia Robertazzi and a short speech by Barreca & La Varra
19:00 – Screening of the film from the “CIAK IN ITALY” curatorial selection: Passione (John Turturro, Italy, 2010, 90′)
20:30 – Talk “CIAK IN ITALY. Foreign directors in the Italian landscape”: Barreca & La Varra talk with three international guests: Pierre-Alain Croset, Hembert Penaranda, Tim Power
22:00 – Screening of a film from the MDFF programme

Saturday 23/10/2021, from 10am, Teatro Franco Parenti – Sala Grande
“The city changes, let’s change the cities”, a day of films and talks dedicated to the open letter on urban development, care and prevention of the territory
Saturday 23 October, from 10.00 am, at the Franco Parenti Theatre (Sala Grande) there will be a day of films and talks dedicated to the LETTERA APERTA initiative, which is promoting the public mobilisation “La città cambia, cambiamo le città”. The aim? To raise awareness among professionals and citizens about the need to find adequate regulatory, political-administrative and cultural tools to support the opportunities provided by the Recovery Fund and included in the Italian PNRR.
The programme of the day:
10.30 – Lectio Magistralis by Paola Viganò, Professor of Urban Design and Urban Theory at EPFL (Lausanne) and IUAV Venice: “Transition: a new biopolitical project”.
11.30 – Talk “The exclusive city: architecture and democracy” with Andrea Boschetti, Antonio Calafati, Isabella Inti, Giovanni La Varra and Giovanni Semi. Moderator: Stefano Cardini, journalist from The Good Life Italia.
12.45 – Battleship Berlin, Nathan Eddy, Germany 2021, 40′ – Tokyo Toilets, Andrea Pompili, Ryan Bruss, Italy 2021, 47′
14.30 – Gianni Biondillo interviews Michele De Lucchi.
15.30 – Robin Hood Gardens: A brief history, Joe Gilbert, UK 2021, 6’40’ – Marmalade Lane, Jim Stephenson, UK 2010, 10′ – Milan 20/21, Maurizio Dalla Palma, Italy 2021, 25’21’
16.20 – Talk “Architectural quality, between work of the intellect and technical service” with Gianandrea Barreca, Claudio Bertorelli, Silvia Botti, Alfonso Femia and Francesco Miceli. Moderator: Paola Pierotti, Ppan journalist.


During the days of the Festival, various places around the city will be open to the public: from Teatro Franco Parenti to Villa Scheibler (in Quarto Oggiaro Municipio 8); from LOM (Locanda Officina Monumentale), a 19th century farmhouse renovated in a sustainable way, to the headquarters of the Ordine degli Architetti.

How to access the festival
You can register free of charge on the platform to consult the programme and appointments of MDFF 2021, watch a preview of the film trailers and video messages from the directors. You can then buy the Festival Subscription at any time, at a cost of 10 euros to access all the online content and see all the films in the programme in streaming without time limits. The screenings at the Franco Parenti Theatre will cost €5 and can be booked via a link on Eventbrite.