Barreca & La Varra at the final meeting with the protagonists of “Milan: new architectures in comparison”

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 at 9 pm at the OneWorks Creative Hub in Milan will be held the final confrontation between the architects protagonists of the cycle created by architect Emilio Battisti. Free admission.

Together with Gianandrea Barreca, the architects Cino Zucchi (CZA), Michele Reginaldi (Quattroassociati), Lorenzo Degli Esposti (Degli Esposti Architetti), Giacomo De Amicis (deamicisarchitetti), Park Associati, Gino Garbellini (Piuarch), Mauro Galantino, Sonia Calzoni (Calzoni architetti), Federico Reyneri, Giuseppe Marinoni, Annalisa De Curtis will participate.

Emilio Battisti says: “[…] the authors gathered around a table will be sent to discuss not only the meaning of their own work but also possibly that of their colleagues. Therefore, they will try to derive from the comparison meanings, contents and values that otherwise would not be able to emerge and manifest themselves. I realize that I am asking for an exercise that you are not used to doing publicly. Because as much as each of us, especially if we carry out a concrete activity as a designer, realizing our own projects, observes and evaluates the more or less recent architectures of our colleagues who are part of our own context of reference, be it local or international, the outcome of this activity of analysis hardly becomes the subject of discussion. That is precisely what I propose to try to do collectively, even with the participation of the public, in this last meeting of ours.”

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