Barreca & La Varra at Biennale di Pisa 2023 “The shared city”

From 13 to 29 October, the studio will participate in the fifth edition of the event with the Ex-Boero social housing project in Genoa, on show in the “L’ABITARE” section at the Sangallo Bastion in the Pisa Pavilion.

“Architecture for a new social equilibrium”, as for every edition, also for this return there is a main theme that will be the common thread – among the many architectural projects that will be presented – for the entire cultural reflection that will involve professionals, citizens and the general public.

The title of this edition refers to architecture as a tool for building and experiencing new social balances. The curators of the Biennial, Massimo Del Seppia, Pietro Berti, Silvia Lucchesini and Fabrizio Sainati, set themselves the objective of identifying a number of research guidelines based on the fundamental role of architecture for the purposes of social rebalancing, offering an opportunity for comparison between realised experiences and future visions with the aim of contributing to the elaboration of new models capable of grasping the transformations underway.

The Biennial’s programme includes an exhibition of projects and realisations that will be flanked by meetings, side projects, in-depth conferences and readings. Gianandrea Barreca will speak on Tuesday 17 October 2023 with a presentation during the Plenary Conference, which will be held in the Auditorium of the Primaziale Pisana.

social housing EX-BOERO project

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