Audi Q8 and A6 launch with SestoAutoveicoli

An exclusive event in which Barreca, La Varra and Ing. Vavalà, Sales Director of Audi Italy, have researched the similarities between architecture and automotive by exploring the concepts of sustainability, experiential design and technology.


VIDEO of the event

The journey of the new Audi A6 and Q8 starts from the Vertical Forest

A tour of technology and imagination from Milan to Alassio with Sesto Autoveicoli and the architectural firm that created the prestigious skyscraper and restored Punta Murena

Excellence and imagination. These are the keywords for the launch event of the new Audi A6, A6 Avant and Q8 Sesto Vehicles Spa. And so, from a digital loft installed for the occasion in Pergolesi Area in Milan, the dealership has unveiled yesterday evening new models of the house of rings with a new association between engines, technology and design. The event was also attended fact the architects Barreca & La Varra, who designed the Vertical Forest, the luxury high-rise in the Isola neighborhood in Milan, a few steps from Piazza Gae Aulenti, who got to experience the new cars of Ingolstadt factory in his own party trip from VERTICAL FOREST and ended in Liguria, in PUNTA MURENA, another luxury residence restored thanks to a project of the same study, to seal the marriage between these two excellences.
During the evening he then held a talk, conducted by Sky Sports commentator Marcello Puglisi, to debate on innovation and development in a sustainable way, to talk attended by the same architects and Giovanni La Varra Gianandrea Barreca as well as the engineer Vincenzo Vavalà, Commercial Director of Audi Italia. “We are very happy – said the CEO of sixth Vehicles Spa, Paul Fondrini – to have organized this event between excellence and technology, and to have had the opportunity to have important guests. To present the Audi A6, Q8 and A6 Avant, and our company
Sixth Vehicles, we started reflecting on the premiumness of the products, and we wondered in which other areas could be in line and interesting for the guests invited to the event. This is how, together with Studio Barreca & La Varra, the idea was born to compare the excellence and innovation of architecture, with the excellence of Audi. We then asked ourselves what could be interesting and common themes in the two areas, and we have thus come to talk about time, sustainability,
experience and technology. We then decided to tell this journey, which we wanted to experience first hand on board a Q8, and film the day, with the aim of telling an experience and not just a product. Thanks to highly advanced audio and video technologies available to the chosen location for this event, we were able to project this video with immersive experience, allowing our guests to immerse themselves in the story. ”